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Published: 31st January 2008
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Only a few white-boy rappers can claim fame in the music industry. And Haystak, a literally huge country boy, is one of them. Haystak is most renowned for his characteristic style of rapping he labels as ""white trash."" Haystak's ""white trash"" talks as a white boy growing up underprivileged and poor in the South.

Born on March 23, 1973 in Nashville, Tennessee, with the name Jason Winfree, Haystak
is of German and Irish descent. Haystak's parents were in their teenage years and were too young to know how to raise a family.
Consequently, he was turned over under the care of his grandparents.

Raised in a sleazy neighborhood of lawbreakers and delinquent juveniles, with no one to properly guide him, Haystak had his first and only criminal arrest at a tender age of 15. He was caught bringing illegal substances like cocaine and Valium inside the school premises and had to serve prison. While in prison, Haystak was gradually enlightened to change for the better. Thus, after completing the two-year sentence, Haystak awakened his passion for rap music.

Few people gave Haystak the opportunity to prove that a white boy has the talent more commonly reserved to blacks. But this white-boy rapper from Tennessee never gave up. He made his debut album, Mak Million, in 1998. Two years after, another album, Car Fulla White Boys, was released in the market. By then, Haystak had shown to the world what white boys can do in the area that blacks dominated and acquired a significant regional following.
An underground famous hip hop publication Murder Dog enthusiastically supported the promising white rapper. Two years later, The Natural, Haystak's third album was released from Koch Records. In the meantime, Haystak, along with Lex Luger and Bubba Sparxx, formed the band Crazy White Boyz ( C.W.B.) that would later evolve into a movement crusading the interest of white rappers.

Unlike many of his contemporaries from the South, Haystak did not wallow in the greed and materialism that often attend the fame of a celebrity.
The success and achievements of fellow white-boy rappers, Bubba Sparxxx and Eminem, made it easy for Haystak to gain respect in the music industry where white rappers, especially those from the countryside, were long looked down and discriminated against.

Haystak labored long to overcome his undeserved reputation and as listeners had learned to value the sincerity underpinning his music, he is now considered as one of the very few influential artists whose songs have life-changing lyrics. Truly the boy touted as a goner is now making waves.
As you enter your local record store, Haystak's music may not be your first choice among other known rappers. You might even think that his name alone sounds rather corny, and would therefore assume that the same goes for his music. Well, try to hear one song of Haystak and it will surely blow you away. And you might be surprised to find yourself looking forward to his other characteristic ""white trash"" songs. GP

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